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What is Stoicism: A Complete Introduction to Stoic Philosophy eBook
What is Stoicism: A Complete Introduction to Stoic Philosophy by Benjamin Chevret

Discover The History of Stoic Philosophy and Learn How Stoicism Can Be Applied to Modern Life

As the school’s founder, Zeno, said, “well-being is realized by small steps, but is truly no small thing.” I hope this book is the first of many small steps toward an examined life. 

In this book, you will learn how the practice of Stoicism can be applied to modern life and I will guide you through several exercises, thought experiments and meditations that you can start using right away to help better your life. Before that, we will speed through the fascinating history of the school, introducing some of its main contributors along the way. We will then take a brief look at the three fields of Stoic study: physics, logic and ethics.

​​​​​​​Unfortunately, many modern syntheses of Stoicism exclude the first two of these three fields, presenting Stoicism as mere self-help.

About the Author

Benjamin CHEVRET is the founder of and author of ‘What is Stoicism: A Complete Introduction to Stoic Philosophy’. An entrepreneur by day, writer by night, he was born in Seoul and has lived most of his life in France, Korea, and Vietnam. When not working, he can be found hitting the heavy bag at the gym, driving a motorbike in the busy city of HCMC, and questioning himself about the meaning of life.

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