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What is Seneca meditation?

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Seneca claimed to practice a certain kind of meditation every night before he retired for bed. This is not the kind of meditation most of us are familiar with – where you clear your mind of all thought. Just the opposite.

He called it meditation, but it's more like a daily review. It goes like this. Find a quiet place where you can close you eyes and see the events that took place during the day. Recall in detail everything that happened from the time you got up this morning right up to the present moment. At each scene, each turn of events, remember how well you performed as a Stoic. Remember everyone you met, everything you said and did – or failed to do. When and where you conducted yourself in a manner that was worthy and noble you can be confirmed in your practice. Consider carefully every situation where you fell short.

Another form of this exercise is to keep a journal. Your journal can be made of paper or it can be a file on your computer. Replay the events of your day in a journal. Write down the most important things you can remember and your reaction to each event you consider important enough to evaluate. Then evaluate. Was your reaction Stoic? If not, why not?

Think about it. How could you have improved your performance? With practice, your journal will show the same improvement the rest of us will see.