About The Stoic Forum

Since 2021, The Stoic Forum has provided free discussion forums to the Stoic community

When we say someone is “stoic”, it’s usually a way of saying a person accepts life’s challenges without shock or sadness. Sometimes it’s a compliment, other times it’s a jab at someone who seems uncaring. But have you ever wondered what being “stoic” actually means?

In this day and age, life only seems to get harder and harder with each passing year — people are feeling the weight of the world’s expectations and it’s taking a toll on their general well-being. This is why we, in an effort to help, have created this safe space wherein we can all explore what Stoicism truly is and how it can positively impact your life.

Who are We?

The Stoicism Forum was founded in 2021 by like-minded people looking to form a community for the philosophy of Stoicism. We care about the state and quality of life and seek to facilitate a way for all of us to explore an alternative way of thinking. Through The Stoic Forum, we can all grow as individuals in learning more about the logic of the universe around us. Making peace with its negatives and fully appreciating the things that make life worth living.

What is our Goal?

To connect with you and build a community wherein we all share our opinions and insights as well as experiences practicing the Stoic philosophy. It is also our goal to be a provider of information on Stoicism so that the members of our community have the resources needed to make decisions in life.

What is Stoicism?

Stoicism is an ancient philosophy founded by Zeno of Citium in Athens around the early 3rd century BCE. It would go on to flourish in Ancient Rome and prominent philosophers like Seneca and Epictetus endorsed Stoicism — saying that “virtue was sufficient for happiness”. At its core, Stoicism holds that in order to achieve peace, one must develop self-control and keep harmful emotions in check with logic and reason. Doing so will make you an unbiased thinker, looking at the uncontrollable aspects of your life under an objective light, free from pain or reaction.

Why Do You Need Stoicism?

It’s a common misconception that Stoics feel nothing or care for nothing. All human beings share the capacity to feel, to worry, to be scared, But they can be happy too. What Stoicism entails is a system of practices and beliefs that free you from the negative effects of failed expectations. The active letting go of oppressive and unproductive ways of thinking and accepting the things you have no control over. Doing so will give you the drive to tackle the things you do have control over and making the most out of them. All this can lead into a more fulfilling and stress-free life.

Stoicism has survived through the millennia and with good reason. Its lessons and insights are universal and have found applications throughout all facets of human existence. In this community, we seek to learn and grow from this age-old philosophy — helping each other in our development into becoming true Stoics.

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